Wyandot County Eclipse 2024

The afternoon of Monday, April 8, 2024年,怀安多特县和俄亥俄州各地的游客将看到日全食. According to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, the path of the solar eclipse will span around 124 miles, stretching across 13 states from Texas to New Hampshire.

With an expected influx of visitors to the community, 怀安多特县公共卫生部为该县居民和游客提供了以下提示,以确保他们有一个安全有趣的日食观看派对.

Travel plans

随着更多的人来到这个县并利用了怀安多特县的资源, 当地居民和游客被鼓励提前计划旅行中断.

  • Fill up your vehicle's gas tank a few days ahead of the eclipse.
  • 要知道,日食之后的旅行可能会很慢,因为很多游客将会离开这个国家. It is possible that roadways, both county roadways and highways, will be traffic jammed for several hours following the eclipse. If possible, make plans to avoid travel that afternoon and evening. 游客们被鼓励计划待到第二天,以减少道路上的压力.
  • Slow down and drive defensively. The 2024 Eclipse, just like every day, 现在是提醒你自己和你爱的人安全驾驶的好时机吗. Buckle up, drive sober, don't speed, and drive defensively. 我们希望所有的游客和县居民都能有一个愉快和安全的时间来观看这个特别的活动.

要了解在怀安多特县在日食周末要做的事情的完整列表(住宿), food, events, and emergency services), visit the official Wyandot County 2024 Eclipse website


怀安多特县的当地人有兴趣为游客提供临时露营地,可能需要获得临时露营地许可证. 提供5个或5个以上露营地的临时露营地需要获得许可,并且需要收取住宿费用.

你需要知道的谁有网赌好的平台搭建临时露营地的一切都可以在 temporary campground page.

Stocking up

县里的人越多,就意味着会有更多的人去当地的商店买东西. Be sure your household is stocked with necessary food, medication, etc. 在日食之前的几天里,让你度过日食的周末和之后的几天.

一定要在月食周末之前从银行取出一些现金! 额外的游客可能会给该地区的可用现金和信贷系统带来压力. Make sure you're prepared just in case!


怀安多特县提供了许多美妙的当地餐馆和最受欢迎的连锁餐馆. 当地的食品卡车也可能在日食的周末营业.

对于希望在场外销售食品的食品企业,需要额外的许可. More information can be found in the temporary food vendor packet. Still have questions? Contact Wyandot County Public Health at 419-294-3852.

Communication plans

如果手机信号塔过载,使用本地手机信号塔的人数增加可能会对我们的通信能力产生一些影响. Plan ahead for these disruptions with loved ones.

请放心,怀扬多特县应急管理局目前正在制定备用通信计划,以确保应急通信线路畅通并准备就绪. Subscribe to receive Wyandot County emergency alerts here.

Keeping your eyes safe

如果没有适当的安全设备或技术,观看日偏食是不安全的. During the very brief time the sun is in a total solar eclipse, the total eclipse may last only a short period of time, 当月亮远离遮挡太阳的太阳时,看向太阳, 一个人的视网膜可能会被太阳晒伤,这可能会对他们的眼睛造成永久性损伤. Visit NASA's eye safety webpage to learn more.

俄亥俄州应急管理协会解释说,直接观察日偏食的唯一安全方法是通过特殊用途的太阳过滤器, such as eclipse glasses or hand-held solar viewers. Homemade filters and ordinary sunglasses don't offer enough protection.现在就开始考虑眼睛安全,为你自己和你所爱的人确定最佳的观看选择.

Solar Eclipse Glasses:

  • 确保您的日食安全眼镜或观看器符合安全观看太阳的国际标准. The current standard for safe solar viewing is ISO 12312-2; your eclipse safety glasses or viewers should have this designation printed on them.
  • 请注意直接从经认证的安全日食眼镜制造商或从经认证的制造商处购买眼镜或观看器. AAS Reputable Vendors
  • 在观看日环食或日偏食以及日全食时(太阳处于日全食的短暂时间除外),应佩戴日食眼镜, and even then, use caution).

Additional eclipse eye safety tips are as follows:

  • Always inspect your solar filter before use; if scratched or damaged, discard it. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter.
  • Always supervise children using solar filters.
  • 站着不动,用日食眼镜或太阳观测器遮住眼睛,然后抬头看明亮的太阳. After looking at the sun, 转过身去,摘下你的过滤器——不要在看太阳的时候摘下它.
  • 不要用未滤光的相机观察未日食或部分日食的太阳, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device.
  • Similarly, do not look at the sun through a camera, a telescope, binoculars, 或任何其他光学设备,当你使用日食眼镜或手持太阳观察器时-集中的太阳光线会损坏滤光片并进入你的眼睛。, causing serious injury.
  • Seek expert advice before using a solar filter with a camera, a telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device. Note that solar filters must be attached to the front of any telescope, binoculars, camera lens, or other optics.
  • If you normally wear eyeglasses, keep them on. 把你的日食眼镜戴在他们上面,或者在他们面前拿着你的手持观察器.

Skin Safety

Even during a partial or annular eclipse, or during the partial phases of a total eclipse, the Sun will be very bright. 如果你正在观看整个日食,你可能会在阳光直射下几个小时. 记得涂抹防晒霜,戴上帽子,穿上防护服,防止皮肤损伤.

Find more Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

怀安多特县公共卫生部门通过公共卫生认证委员会(PHAB)获得全国认可。. Established in 2007, PHAB是管理国家认证计划的非营利组织, 它旨在通过倡导绩效改进来推进和改变公共卫生实践, strong infrastructure, and innovation.